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Composite Rail Gun

Test firing Feb, 2012

Designed for Defense

Automated Dynamics’ 30 year history is intertwined with military and defense research, investigation, testing, evaluation, and production of advanced, high-performance composite structures. We have worked with the Navy/Navair, Army, Air Force, DARPA, and nearly every Tier 1 DOD supplier. We design, develop, prototype, and produce composite solutions to the most challenging and critical applications for sub-sea, earth, and space.

The next generation of land-based, airborne, or at-sea vehicles, currently in design will make ample use of thermoplastic and thermoset composites to reduce weight, increase durability and service life, reduce cost, improve fatigue resistance, and eliminate corrosion. Our composites have places in submarines, on helicopters and fighter jet aircraft, and on land vehicles. They help keep service men and women safe in hostile environments around the world today.

Military and defense applications offer a key area of growth for thermoplastic composite parts and the use of automated fiber placement. The well-established attributes of mobility, robustness, and cost-effectiveness offer a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Thermoplastic AFP for defense-related composite parts. Automated Dynamics has the skill and technology to exploit it to its fullest potential.